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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my shipment?

Go to the Tracking Icon and select the carrier you have used, put in your shipment tracking number and it will search for your shipment. It will give you the shipment’s current location.

Is Insurance automatic?

No, please discuss your insurance queries and requirements with our team. They can provide you with quotes and any insurance information you require.

What happens if my shipment is damaged?

If the shipment is damaged you need to lodge a claim with Australian International Express within 7 days of delivery.

What happens if my shipment is missing?

The team at Australian International Express is experienced at tracking shipments. Please let them know immediately if your parcel is missing and they will lodge a search with the appropriate carrier.

How does Australian International Express transport packages to remote areas?

By leveraging our extensive international management experience and contacts in the transport industry, Australian International Express can manage large-volume deliveries to remote areas both nationally & internationally.

What are the terms and conditions when trading with Australian International Express?

The terms and conditions can be downloaded here.

Is there an Australian International Express Shipper's Letter of Instruction?

The shipper's Letter of Instruction can be downloaded here

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